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10th May 2010

Tips for Landscape and seascape photography

Landscape and seascape photography are great fun to explore. It keeps you fit, adventurous; it is quite relaxing as most of the time you are in the beautiful sight and also it is quite rewarding when you get the appreciation of your work. The wide ang...

27th April 2010

Digital Photography Guide - A Glossary Of Essential Digital Photography Terms - Part 1!

For those new to digital photography, there can be a vast amount of literature to read on such a wide reaching subject. There are also terms used that, while being understood by the experienced photographer, can mean little to the novice. Therefore, I hav...

14th April 2010

Landscape Photography

Most people who own a camera will take landscape pictures at some time or another. Australian landscape photography is different from landscapes in most other countries because the light is different. Wherever you go in Australia there is something worthy...

01st March 2010

Tips to improve landscape photography

This kind of photography might be difficult at times, but if you follow certain tips, it would not only make your task easier but also it would help you to improve and enhance your landscape photography. Keep the horizon horizontal It hardly matters w...

16th February 2010

Different Specialist Lenses Models

In return for their high price, specialist lenses can make a huge difference to your photography. With all these lenses, however, an SLR is essential. Shift/tilt lenses The optical elements of a shift lens are mounted on a mechanism that allows the le...

05th February 2010

Essential tips for wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is dedicated to capture interesting and attractive animals in the action, like fighting, eating, sleeping etc. The techniques which are used in wildlife photography are far more different from the techniques that are used in nature, l...

23rd December 2009

Types of Photography

There are many different types of photography techniques and procedures out there. Professional photography is not easy and takes years of practice and learning to get good at it, but that does not mean it cannot be done. As experience is the best teacher...

14th April 2009

Digital Photography – New Entrant In The Modern Art Galleries

Digital photography is a new subject; but it has made its way to the modern art galleries very fast. Digital photography is a modern form of art that has been well-accepted all over the world. Modern art galleries that feature various modern art forms ...

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