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07th January 2010

Organising a funeral after someone dies

your behalf. 3. Transport You'll need to decide on the size and makeup of the cortege (the hearse and the cars following it). Other questions to consider include: Will it be a standard, motorbike or horse-drawn hearse? How many cars will be nee...

11th December 2009

Benefits Of Spa Treatment

Imagine a situation, when you return home after a hard day’s work. You are so tired and look for something where you can discover a pool of relaxation and enjoyment. You simply slip into your personal pool and enjoy at least an hour enjoying sheddin...

05th October 2009

Discover Why a School Disco Isn’t a Disco Without a Good DJ

Schools in the United States have been holding "proms" at the end of the academic year since the 1800s and references started appearing in year-books from the 1930s. This long established tradition is now gaining popularity in the UK but from party to pr...

07th August 2009

Hiring Party Clowns For Your Little Ones' Birthday

There is no better way of making your child happy on his birthday party than hiring party clowns. You can make this birthday party truly a special one if you will hire birthday party clowns that would surely excite the little kids, not only with the clown...

22nd June 2009

10 Things Every Mom Needs to Know When Throwing a Birthday Party for Kids

The secret to pulling off a great birthday party for kids without even breaking a sweat is a combination of enthusiasm, thoughtful planning and the ability to maintain control over a bunch of rowdy kids. Here are 10 things EVERY Mom should know: 1....

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