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23rd November 2009

New Capital Gains Laws

If you own a property which you are planning to sell, be sure to consult a tax advisor or get informed about tax law before doing so. Many real estate agents also know the subtleties of property selling and taxation. Several small points can make the diff...

18th June 2009

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning - Importance of Controlling Your Income Small Business Owners & the

By kinal in Taxes
The degree of control that small business owners and the self-employed have over the timing is much greater than that of employees, and also depends on the structure of their businesses. For example, if a person is small business owner, and thus self-empl...

13th June 2009

Estimated taxes – planning for 2nd quarter Alternative Minimum Tax payments due June 15

By kinal in Taxes
The second quarter for estimated tax purposes actually is a bit of a misnomer. The "quarter" consists of taxes for the months of April and May alone, unlike a normal three-month quarter. In any event, these estimated taxes must be paid by next Monday, Ju...

08th June 2009

Here’s a Quick AMT Planning Example

By kinal in Taxes
The most common item affecting folks paying the Alternative Minimum Tax is the deduction for state and local taxes. For regular tax purposes, you are allowed a deduction for state income taxes, city or other local income taxes, real estate taxes, persona...

10th April 2009

Saving Money With A Budget

Save money? Are you crazy? How can I have a savings program with the bills I have? Yes, you can with a little organization and some tips on how to begin. There are four basic steps to implement a good savings program: Record the withholding amounts take...

19th March 2009

7 Tax Tips for Married Couples

Between the ever-evolving tax code, dozens of new credits and deduction, it can hard for married couples to know where they stand. If you and your spouse are having troubles with your taxes then please consider the following 7 tax tips for married couples...

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