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27th October 2009

Versatility is the key with the T-Mobile G2 Touch

The T-Mobile G2 Touch has a familiar look to it, in fact some would say, it reminds them of a certain HTC handset. It is certainly a very appealing handset, with a raft of useful and endearing functions. From its android operating system through to its im...

10th August 2009

The Nokia N97 White delivers exceptional results

Style, outstanding functionality are comments that could well be made of the Nokia N97 White. It is a sleek and stylish looking phone which harbours several surprises, such as the pull out full QWERTY keyboard. The impressive display screen shows images i...

02nd August 2009

The Motorola Moto ZN300 offers simple features and design

The Motorola Moto ZN300 is a phone which is simple to operate and full or features. It is a slider phone which has a competent keypad which is displayed by sliding the phones front face upwards to reveal the keypad. It offers numerous features and in doin...

16th July 2009

The Samsung S3500 Marcel Pink is a phone which offers outstanding value for money

The Samsung S3500 Marcel Pink is a colour variant of its namesake. Its colourful exterior is effective in style and commands respect. It is a small handset which delivers a punch and ensures Samsung continues to be known for a diverse and pragmatic range ...

09th July 2009

The HTC Magic is a beautifully crafted phone with numerous surprises

The HTC Magic is a stylish phone which is packed full of features and functions. Its impressive display screen and android OS have made it a force to be reckoned with in the mobile phone market. It is a phone which offers a comprehensive range of features...

19th June 2009

The Samsung C3050 offers a budget price but extensive functions

The budget market for mobile phones is growing, as people either need a cheap phone or a replacement for lost or stolen handsets, the Samsung C3050 fits into this particular niche. It's primarily a phone which although it has a raft of functions and looks...

19th June 2009

Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB-The iconic phone adds a new twist

What can be said about the Apple iPhone that has not already been mentioned? The latest addition to the range is the Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB, an impressive additional which expands on the on the unique nature and style of the previous versions of this much...

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