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26th March 2010

Stay connected with Asia calling plans

Popular Asian countries are always in demand when it comes of calling. Communication required in all these countries are much high than any other region. The reason is that the region is hosting 60% of the world's current human population. This makes it t...

05th February 2010

VoIP usage in Call Centres

VoIP is continually increasing in popularity. This is especially the case in business, and particularly in call centres where significant savings can be made. Calls via VoIP are cheaper than the traditional telephone calls, so businesses who utilise this ...

08th December 2009

Theme of the Month - The Old / The Elderly

The Wisdom of Older Women Why is it that aging has become such a scary thing? Now, in traditional Latino culture, elders are revered, respected and listened to. However, as Latinos in the U.S., we have this dichotomy of having respect for our elders ...

11th August 2009

Marketing through the latest technology of SMS

With the time passing technology is becoming more public than before. Some days ago it was unimaginable that the accessibility of mobile phone will be so much that rarely any one is without a handset. Irrespective of economical status everyone according t...

31st July 2009

Thermal Hair Straigthening

Also known as TR, Magic Straight, Ionic Perm, Bioionic Straightening, Yuko System, Liscio, and Rebonding. Thermal Hair Straightening is a revolutionary Japanese straightening treatment that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair li...

04th July 2009

Eyelash Extensions Using Fume-Free AdhesivesTM

There are a number of considerations when deciding to get eyelash extensions professionally administered. The most important factor is the adhesive used to apply the product to your lashes. In previous years, all the adhesives were manufactured in Asia....

01st June 2009

Learning to Read Guitar Sheet Music

Being able to read guitar sheet music can be an invaluable asset in today's world. As we know, becoming a pro guitarist means entering a very competitive field. You will need every advantage you can muster, and then some. So before we go any further le...

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