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12th July 2010

Freesat Gets iPlayer And ITV Catchup TV Services

For more information please check : Viewers of UK free to air service Freesat will soon be able to catch up on any missed tv shows with the launch of iPlayer and ITV catchtup tv service. The iPlayer will be available on...

30th June 2010

Internet TV Viewers Love The Ads So Much They Want Twice As Many

In the real world viewers will do anything to avoid watching advertising, but the online audience are happy to see even more. So says Comscore who told the Advertising Research Foundation's Annual Convention in New York that internet tv viewers are willin...

27th May 2010

How To Watch TV On Your PC With Satellite Direct

W e now live in an era where viewing television on a standard television set is potentially a thing of the past for many people. With that in mind, a product called Satellite Direct has been launched which will provide TV viewing via the home computer (PC...

04th March 2010

Voom- A Dish Network Channel

Dish network has offered its clients with innumerous facility that one may rely on it to get better picture quality. Moreover, dish network has provided its customers with other devices such as DVRs through which the subscriber can now record, pause and p...

12th June 2009

Watching TV online – Web TV

According to a recent survey, people spend more than three hours per month watching videos online on popular sites like YouTube, Tvlack and Yahoo! Just last February the average of vision was 169 minutes but in March, reached 191 minutes which is almost 1...

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