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27th November 2009


The community around the Urban Neighborhood Initiatives (UNI) in Southwest Detroit has been concerned about graffiti. This summer, more than 40 youth worked with professional artists from the Center for Creative Studies to paint murals on garage doors, fe...

21st September 2009

New works of wall art on canvas

Anyone would have heard of wall art and well aware of the beauty it adds. They add a style and personality to the room. Wall art could be of anything. Anything which could furnish a wall other than leaving it barren can be pronounced as a wall art. It cou...

08th August 2009

Folk Art Auctions

Folk art auctions feature a wide range of objects that reflect the artist's craft traditions, and traditional social values. Folk art is generally produced by people who have little or no academic artistic training. Folk artists usually use established ...

16th July 2009

Graffiti for hire

Graffiti is a form of art that is available in a lot of different types. Graffiti is in great demand these days as you et the latest for your home, office, hotel, pub or any place where you want something unique and creative. Tagging is the most common fo...

18th May 2009

Art on the leaf, do you know the leaf painting?

Oil painting is more important than our think in our life .we send oil paintings to our friend or family as a present on their birthday or festival and holiday; we decorate our room using oil painting; many people collects oil painting as investment .how ...

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