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23rd November 2009

Amazing Movie - Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie were started after death of Harry's godfather Serious Black. The Lord Woldemorte killed Serious Black because he is the one who Harry Potter loved most. After death of Black Harry Potter getting much sadness...

21st October 2009

Jingle Bell Ball Tickets Available Now

The buzz now is that Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston are set to put the stage on fire after the death of King of Pop, Michael Jackson. AEG has asked both the pop- stars to do a series of live shows to cope up with the huge ticket refund. Robbie Willi...

20th May 2009

Heartless Kids, Reverse Phone Lookup Will Know Who You Are

Kids can just be incorrigible at times! Callous little punks; how can they joke around about the things that are held sacred by society, like life and death, mass safety and demise? After all the bombings and shootings that have taken thousands of America...

15th May 2009

White Pages are No Match for a Cell Phone Lookup

In case you haven't noticed, technological changes that transpired in the last decade have transformed the face of our culture forever. For better or for worse, hardly anyone reads books anymore; especially phone books. C'mon, with each passing day there ...

08th May 2009

Environmentally Un-Friendly - Why We Are Bad Tenants

Just like any landlord, our environment will not tolerate our irresponsibility when it comes to being residents. We are messy, we don't pick up after ourselves, we are unfriendly to our neighbors and we were never under contract. It's a lose-lose situatio...

08th May 2009

Cell Phone Lookup Helps Snag Drug Dealer

We live during fascinating times, when technology has declared a war on crime. With all the new electronic gadgets and ways to track them assisting law enforcement, criminals are having a much more difficult time covering their tracks. Cell phone lookup i...

17th April 2009

Free On Line Movies: Are P2P Legal or Bootleg Movies?

When you download free on line movies, are you downloading P2P legal or bootleg movies? The answer to that question isn't as easy to answer as you might believe, since it digs into the murky depths of copyright law, and in the USA at least the term 'murky...

13th March 2009

Djembe History and Culture - Part One

This djembe history guide is taken from my very simplistic research and is based on the stories I have been told by various djembe teachers, other music teachers, elders and historians that I have spoken to whilst travelling in West Africa. I can't guaran...

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