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22nd March 2010

Differences Between Diabetic Socks And Normal Socks

Diabetes is one of the most prominent lifestyle diseases today. Diabetes is of two types, i.e., type I and type II. Diabetes is a metabolic disease pertaining to the sugar levels in the blood stream of the patient. In both types of diabetes, the increased...

02nd February 2010

Contaminated Water, a Worldwide Crisis, and what can be done

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Contaminated Drinking Water, a Worldwide Crisis, and what can be done By Shakna Biddle Many facts unknown to most...

18th December 2009

Making Your Smile Look Better With Teeth Whitening

Staring your day with a frown face will not give you any luck. The best way to have a beautiful day is to have a beautiful smile. Having a beautiful smile is having clean and white bright teeth. The first thing that you notice to a person when having ...

26th November 2009

Facial Rejuvenation from the Top: Forehead Lift Surgery

An ideal candidate for a brow lift (forehead lift) is a person with very severe "hooding" of the upper eyelid. Such people will benefit from both brow lift and/or blepharoplasty. If you have brow lines and eyelids that sag noticeably and wrinkles or creas...

25th November 2009

Fight Your Wrinkles With Alpha Lipoic Acid .

ALA is both fat and water soluble. This means that it can get into all cell parts to neutralize free radicals. It contains sulfur and is a vitamin like phyto-nutrient. It works like an antioxidant meaning it fights free radicals and improves recovery. AlA...

06th June 2009

TV Lifts and Safety

Did you know that every day, approximately 40 young children are taken to hospital emergency rooms with injuries suffered as a result of a heavy piece of furniture falling on them? Furthermore, TV sets were the most common item associated with tip-over i...

09th April 2009

Risks and Benefits of Liposuction - What Prospective Patients Should Know

Like any other cosmetic surgery, Liposuction has both its good points and risks involved. It is up to each individual to decide if the benefits outweigh the risk. It is imperative that you discuss with your surgeon if you are a good candidate medically fo...

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