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10th September 2009

Elvis Presley biography: Anniversary of Elvis Presley Death

August the 16th 2009 was a monumental date for many people worldwide. It marked the 40th anniversary of The King's death. It was marked throughout the world in many different ways. As any good Elvis Presley biography will tell you, at 3.30pm on the 16th o...

10th August 2009

The budget priced Samsung E1100 offers bargain priced functionality

The Samsung E1100 is a budget phone which comes with features normally expected on a phone which is price higher than it is. The unit is a sturdy handset which is compact and provides the means to perform numerous tasks. It is 105mm x 44mm wide and is 14m...

19th June 2009

The watch that is also a phone, introducing the Swap Watch Phone

The Swap watch is primarily what appears to be a watch, somewhat larger than most watches, however it hides a secret. The watch is also a highly original and innovative mobile phone with the variety of functions that most phones have, including camera, mu...

29th May 2009

Changing Your Lifestyle for Anti Aging

Changing Your Lifestyle for Anti Aging One of the most highly regarded anti-aging treatments is still exercising. Not only does it restore health, regain a youthful muscle tone, it also'improves the metabolism of the body, and could'extend life expecta...

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