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07th December 2009

The Five Things That Make the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64 Stand Out

There are many large-format rotary trimmers on the market today, so sometimes it can be a bit of a task to choose the right one. If you need such a tool to help you with your work, one trimmer you need to consider if the Akiles Roll-A-Blade 64. This is a ...

25th November 2009

Martin Yale 700E Paper Cutter Review

A commercial-quality paper cutter, the Martin Yale 700E is meant to be used in smaller print shops or in-house production floors for medium to large businesses. Here we take a look at the 700E's features, and give you our assessment of its strengths and w...

20th October 2009

Best hair Straighteners

Today hair straightening has become the fashion icon for most of the females worldwide. Not only ladies, but you can also find men getting hair straightening done by the professionals at beauty hair saloons. Hair straightening has become quite common now ...

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