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30th December 2009

French Rose---Sophie Mapuis

Italy beautiful lady Monica Bellucci once said that "I think the real belle is the one who has the elegant of France and sex of Italy.In my heart, France star Sophie Mapuis is this real belle." If we compare the beayty of Monica Bellucci to poppy rising f...

08th December 2009

How much of an Influence Does the Packaging of Fragrances have on the Purchasers Decision?

How Fragrance Packaging Plays an Important Part in their Sales The sale of fragrances is an unusual business in how it portrays itself. It's often portrayed in such unusual and artistic ways as a result of its close ties to the fashion world and celeb...

26th November 2009

Razor E100 Electric Scooter A Comprehensive Review

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is manufactured by Razor. This is a company that specialises in electronic toys, inlcuing scooters, for young teens. The Razor product range includes things like the the Pocket Rocket, Dirt Rockey, Pocket Mod as well as...

26th June 2009

Before Taking Any Play Guitar for Beginners Lessons Read This

Before you work with any type of material that offers play guitar for beginners instruction; you should at least be somewhat familiar with the different parts of the instrument you will be playing. The guitar, as we know it today, is quite an old instrume...

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