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18th January 2010

A Museum Specially Designed For Children

The Boston Children's Museum is ideally planned for the all-round development of the children. The concentration of development is based on the amusement with learning which means the children are educated without being taught. The museum is based on t...

09th December 2009

LipSense Provides Ample Job Opportunities

In these days of recession, a lot of people have faced the loss of their job, not because of any fault of theirs, but because the companies could not afford to pay them, and they became redundant. A friend of mine was going through the loss of her job whe...

04th November 2009

Pakistanis Hold Demonstrations Against US Presence

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Islamabad amidst some of the biggest bombings in Pakistan in recent month. Just before her arrival, a twin set of bombings killed over 150 people in Peshawar and other bombings killed as many people in tow...

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