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17th August 2010

Human or Synthetic Hair Extension: Which is Better?!

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to totally change your look for an important event, such as a dinner or photoshoot, and can be easily removed for work the next day! Iím sure at some point youíve had something come up that you absolutely have t...

02nd July 2010

How To Wear Clip In Hair Extensions

There are a lot of different methods used to apply extensions, these vary depending on what type of hair you want to use and where you want to have it done. Perhaps the easiest option is using clip in hair extensions. You can get human hair or synthetic c...

25th June 2010

Get Red Carpet Styles With Hair Extensions And Make Up

If there's one thing that today's stars know, it's that looking good for special events is a must. With hundreds of magazines and websites eager to report on the fashion choices and presentation of today's biggest names, it's more important for stars to...

18th June 2010

Hair extensions can quickly transform your look!

Are you tired of your ordinary hairstyle? Do you want luxuriously long hair but don't want to wait forever? If so, then hair extensions are certainly something you should consider. For those that love the look of long hair, or even just longer hair, clip...

11th April 2010

10 Benefits of Clip in Hair Extensions

Getting clip in hair extensions is very exciting and can really change your life. Clip-in hair extensions can be a fun, easy way to change up your hair style anytime you want! There are many benefits to hair extensions. Here are 10! 1. Feel more confid...

23rd March 2010

Clip In Hair Extensions for Special Styles

If you wore hair extensions in the distant past, you'll be pleased to know that the modern extensions of today can be found in various styles, and they can be attached using different methods that were not previously available. One popular style is a cl...

15th November 2009

Introduction Of Clip In Hair Extension To The Fashion Industry

Clip in hair extension is the best way to give your present hairstyle a fresh lease of life. Clip hair extensions can increase or decrease the length, add quantity and may give you a totally different look very easily and quickly. The clips on these exten...

16th September 2009

DIY Hair Extensions

By in Beauty
What To Know About Hair Extensions When girls are thinking, they are usually thinking of the long hours sitting at a hair salon while spending an enormous amount of money. Then who can forget the long hours of painful pulling that t...

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