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07th January 2010

Better Communication Equals More Effective Leadership

When I started coaching some time back, I made it my mission to absorb as much information as I could about leadership (specifically in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness and good communication): devouring books on leadership models, leadership coac...

07th December 2009

Secret Wars - The Original Reality Comic

What would happen if you put a bunch of superheroes in a home and forced them to live together? Better yet, what would happen if you did the same with a bunch of supervillains? As the line goes, what happens when masks stopping being nice and start bein...

02nd September 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum Is A Solid Game And A Polished Experience.

Batman: Arkham Asylum will be the new super hero game standard. I can't come up with any real complaints about my first few hours with the game, except that I feel it borders on easiness. Batman: Arkham Asylum is rated BBFC 15 and available for Xbox 360 a...

03rd August 2009

Social Issues in Movies and real society

Indian movies have great impact on Indian and Pakistani society. I will evaluate good and bad aspects of these movies and its impacts on crimes. One good aspect of these movies is ultimate victory of heroes and good people. Most villains in movies either ...

01st July 2009

Long Live Dragonball Z

Before I ever known there were an Animate series show on TV of Dragonball Z, I used to read the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama when I was a young teen in Vietnam. What caught my attention most was the way that the characte...

12th May 2009

Don't Let Them Tap Your Phone - Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Them Right Back

A coworker just emailed me a YouTube video about the new spyware that can be planted on a cell phone. It records conversations and phone numbers, tracks movements and locations, and more. One family was terrorized by stalkers who called and uttered horrif...

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