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10th March 2010

What long term effect will Kathryn Bigelows win for 'Best Director' have on other women?

At the 2010 Oscars ceremony on March 7, history was made when, for the first time ever, a woman has won the prestigious award for 'Best Director'. What is most remarkable about this victory is the fact that she was nominated against her ex-husband Jame...

07th December 2009

Activities for Christmas Eve

You don't often think to play games on Christmas Eve, but playing a game or two can be a lot of fun. One fun game is ideally suited for anxious children, but could also be for adults, if you want to add some fun for gift giving. For children, this is a...

26th November 2009

Game Ideas for Independence Day

If you're hosting a 4th of July party, there are hours and hours to fill before the highlight events of the day begin - the fireworks. You'll want to have plenty of activities and games planned to keep everyone busy and entertained. There are a variety...

25th November 2009

4 Fantastic Xmas Present Games

This Christmas families everywhere will be exchanging gifts. This is an age old tradition. However this Christmas may have to be different you will not be able to rely on really amazing presents like before. Normally the present itself is at the center o...

25th November 2009

5 Engaging Christmas Present Games

Many families will be looking forward to the magical moment on Christmas morning when they get to open the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. This is an age old tradition that has never lost its excitement. However you can make the day even more ...

27th October 2009

How To Find The Latest Movies Online For Free

Movies, without any doubt are the need of everyone. We are always looking for entertainment then why not just get the best entertainment i-e Watch online movies for free. Finding the old movies is not at all a problem and you can get all of them for free ...

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