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10th February 2010

The world of Corporate Recording

Nowadays corporate companies are getting very demanding in terms of publicising and advertising themselves. They hire top notch public relation agencies to look after this aspect of their corporate life. The PR agencies in turn, get corporate films ma...

08th January 2010

Audio books - Find your favourite volume in digital form

Books and magazines are considered to be our best friends that do not change, no matter what. But the technology today has changed our way of reading books in a conspicuous way. The emergence of audio books is the best example in this regard. Here...

26th November 2009

Zombieland Movie Review: A Zombie Smashing Great Time

"Justin and I absolutely loved Zombieland. It truly was a "Zombie Killing Great Time." It's not too often when we go see a movie that I can ever get Justin to watch that movie a second time. However, I think that this movie had so many great qualities tha...

05th June 2009

5 Reasons Why Audio Books Are Better Than Regular Ones!

Hectic lifestyles and a perpetual shortage of time have led to the rising popularity of audio books. Audio books or talking books, as they are generally called, are audio recordings of books. While in some cases, the whole book is recorded by a single nar...

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