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15th February 2011

Ground Beef Lasagna

Ground Beef Lasagna About 4-6 portions. Ingredients You'll Need: 500 g of lasagna sheets 150 g of parmesan cheese 300 g of mozzarella cheese Meat sauce: 3 tablespoons of olive oil 400 g of minced beef 1 stalk of celery 2 leaves o...

22nd November 2010

Cook Green Beans in Advance and Keep Their Vitamins Intact

When you cook green beans this holiday season, will you open a can of condensed soup and let the beans bake for hours? Most people do. Baking vegetables over a long period of time reduces their nutrient value. Plus, if you are trying to have a stress...

19th February 2010

Recipes For Columbian Coffee

So what is Columbian coffee really all about? The following guide includes some delicious recipes about Columbian coffee--information you can use now! Coffee is on of Americas favorite beverages and becomes more popular as the years go by. So naturall...

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