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16th October 2012

Sea Cucumber As Food

Sea cucumbers destined for food are traditionally harvested by hand on small watercraft; a process known as trepanging. It is dried for preservation purposes and has to be rehydrated by boiling and soaking in water for several days for the sea cucumber to...

23rd May 2011

Bears of the world

A big range of living environment in the Northern Hemisphere and partly in the Southern Hemisphere are inhabited by eight living varieties of bears. Asia , Europe, North America, and South America is where they are found. They are varieties with a huge bo...

01st February 2010

Mount Wuyi Rated World Top 10 Happiest Places

Mount Wuyi rated World Top 10 Happiest Place according to a recent report released by Daily Mail, the third largest English daily newspaper in the world. The other nine Happiest Places were Vanuatu, Montreal (Canada), Texas (US), Bhutan, Colombia, Malawi,...

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