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03rd November 2010

Crystal Pendulum

A crystal pendulum is a crystal attached to either a chain or a cord and used for divination. The chain or cord is usually at least six inches in length, and a shoelace will work well if you don't have a chain or cord. Pendulums have been used for centu...

19th July 2010

What is the Right Question to Ask

Accidental Intentional Parenting Those sudden moments of learning are one of the nicest approaches on parenting. When my grandson arrived from school, he was already anticipating what will be my greeting question, "What three good things happened ...

18th May 2009

Understanding the Meaning of the Tarot Cards

The tarot has undergone significant changes ever since it was created sometime in early 1400s. The evolution of the tarot was very colorful, mysterious, filled with grief, despair, and jubilation. It started as a simple playing deck for the royal court...

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