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20th January 2012

How To Recycle Waste Water

Sewage is in fact recycled in Didcot, Oxfordshire in order to supply 2 hundred properties making use of the produced biogas. This procedure can be very easily replicated and illustrates that implementing renewable energy in the long term future is certain...

04th March 2011

World Water Day - wake up & shut the tap

I woke up this morning, logged on to check the news and realized that itís World Water Day. World Water day? Why do we need a day, one entire day in the year to celebrate the fact that we have water on earth? Thought that was a given right? And then it st...

23rd February 2011

What is environmentally-friendly Cleaning and how would it benefit my business?

You may be looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning for your business, but what does it actually mean and how can it benefit you? Environmentally-friendly or green cleaning can mean a number of things, but ultimately it describes cleaning methods u...

11th January 2011

Enjoy the flora and fauna in your office premise by green cleaning

You go to your office daily and when you go to the wash room, a familiar smell of the chemical, that has been used to clean the room, smite your nose. But think one day after a busy meeting you go to the washroom and something different smell hits your no...

07th January 2011

Water Monitoring

Need effective environmental monitoring solutions? Wondering which supplier to use for your Water Monitoring equipment? You should turn to one of the UKís leading specialists in Water Monitoring and Environmental consultancy. A Sheffield based business...

15th January 2010

Does Your Irrigation Service for Residential and Commercial Lawns Have Reclaimed Water Hookups?

To efficiently maintain your residential and commercial lawns, it would be best to get a reliable professional irrigation service that provides reclaimed water hookups. Of course, you should make sure that the professional irrigation service company is al...

15th November 2009

Green Friendly - understand more about green living lifestyle

How can we define a green-friendly lifestyle? There is a common belief that green-friendly products equal lack of comfort, and if we think how eager we are to pamper our bums with ultra-soft toilet paper, we may understand how true this is. Well, you may ...

10th July 2009

Industrial Waste Water Management

Water is one of the invaluable natural resources and is affected a lot by industrial waste and pollution.Heavy metals and other miscellaneous substances are often passed into the water that is used during manufacturing processes. This water is then discar...

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