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20th September 2012

Outsource Underwriting Service to Improve Your Efficiency and Productivity

Today the underwriting department of different lender, broker and insurance firms is expected to work more with less number of staff so that the firms get an opportunity to save both money and time. However, this often takes a toll on the underwriters of ...

08th April 2010

Legal Responsibilities of Tax Preparers

The short answer to this question is that a paid preparer cannot lie or advise a client to lie about any part of a return. Professional tax preparer organizations have a higher standard than does the IRS for paid preparers but that is changing. Essentiall...

03rd March 2010

Top 5 Reasons For Divorce

Top 5 Reasons For DivorceGathering accurate statistics on the most commonly cited causes of the breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult task, since there are very different reporting methodology. With such large differences even within a single state,...

28th June 2009

Web Data Extraction Services – How Do They Benefit Businesses?

Web data extraction services are gaining immense popularity with companies and organizations. Businesses are increasingly seeking web data extraction services to gather valuable market information and also information about their target audiences and indu...

08th June 2009

Still the Most Reliable Route to Online Safety

Two years ago, following the reports that some of its teenage users were abducted by sex predators, the online networking site MySpace commissioned Sentinel Safe Tech Holdings Corp., a background verification firm, to create a national database of sex off...

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