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17th August 2011

Your Call Center Agent Needs Motivation It Is Easy!

The life of a call center agent can be challenging to handle the complex deadlines involved in the telemarketing processes. In such situation it is very common that an agent can become frustrated or might leave the job to escape the complex situation. In ...

08th March 2011

Cutting Edge Scientific Methods or Old Fashioned Police Work? The Choice Lies in CSI Miami Episodes

One of the gifts of the modern age to the mankind has been the cutting-edge technology. While some refer to it as a vice, preferring the old school techniques, there are others, who say that technology has surely been a boon for us. CSI Miami television s...

21st April 2010

Pig Story Review - 'Piggis Play Games' by Dave Donicci

'Piggis Play Games' is the first in a series of short stories written by Dave Donicci. Each story is about a family of pigs, known as Piggis, who live in a beautiful village called Piggi Paradise. There are eight members of the family; the mother, fat...

17th June 2009

How To Cascade Messages via Managers To Employees

One of the common mistakes people make when designing a change program is assuming that if a person is a team leader, supervisor or senior manager they should naturally know how to communicate face to face with their teams. However communication skills a...

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