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27th June 2011

tips to improve your life

Food prices are soaring nowadays, but you will find still ways to lower your monthly grocery bill. Start with baby actions. Use some or all of these suggestions to slash your food bill. * Program a menu each and every week. Take a look at the grocery s...

16th June 2011

Innovative Farming in the Future Depends on Simplifying Red Tape Now

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers The possibilities for farming innovation and diversification have been the subject of speculation in a recent edition of a well-known UK publication for farmers as part of a discussion on new skills that might attract ...

10th March 2011

How the United States Government Ensured the Approaching World Food Supply Crisis

How the United States Government Ensured the Approaching World Food Supply Crisis For quite a long time now, I have repeatedly reported on the growing likelihood of a worldwide monetary cave-in. Western governments have accumulated national debts t...

06th March 2011

Chronicle of a Doomed Uprising: The Egyptian Revolution

In January 2011, the peoples of the Middle East began their march towards seizing a share in the leadership and resources of their countries, following centuries in which they were deprived of this share by various ruling oligarchies. This uprising, which...

03rd March 2011

Beat the inflation with offer codes

In UK, Inflation is on the rise and brings in extra worries for most families. As they struggle to survive and make family budgets meet, the occurrence of unexpected expenditure does make things difficult. Taking toll on the monthly expenditure are risi...

12th April 2010

Low-chem, Biopesticides can help Protect the Land and produce Healthier Food

Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers Looming and possibly irreversible climate change and the global economic crisis have focused attention for the last couple of years. Among many things identified in groping for solutions is the need to produce food ...

11th November 2009

The Hidden Price of Going Green

My interest in renewable energy is a selfish one. I want to be able to generate my own electricity, heat my water and keep my home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while keeping as much of my money in my own pocket. Going "green" has a cost i...

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