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08th August 2012

FAQ about Feed in Tariff Scheme

The Feed-In Tariff Scheme has gotten a lot of publicity since it was introduced, but along with all of that publicity, there are a few questions that stand out. How much can you really earn through this scheme? Are the payments really being cut? How mu...

29th December 2010

Are LED Lights Worth It?

Everyone is trying to save money and energy today. The first thing you are told to do is replace incandescent lights with new technology lights. This saves energy but does it save you money? I want to take a few minutes to run the numbers on the new and...

27th September 2010

Producing your own power

Producing your own power The first step to designing a renewable energy system is to conduct a Load Evaluation to determine what appliances you will be using, for how long each day and week, and how much energy they will use. The Load Evaluation is the...

08th January 2010

Tackling Climate Change - Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced by the government in April 2001 to encourage both business and public sectors to improve their overall business energy usage as well as an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. The CCL is an environmental ener...

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