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09th June 2011

Antioxidants-the bodys soldiers

Antioxidants remove free radicals caused by oxidation which can damage and destroy cells and even cause death. Oxidation can cause a number of health problems including cancer, diabetes and heart disease among others. To counter this, it is necessary to c...

26th May 2010

Coconut Bean Stew With Coconut Recipe

Beans are mostly considered healthy foods especially for those people who are looking to lose weight. They are also said to have much more lower risks in health cases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. They contain proteins and are ant...

08th January 2010

Walking And Weight Loss And The Flab Is Gone Fast

Yes, walking and weight loss and the flab is gone fast. There are many reasons as to why walking can be beneficial to one's health. For one, walking and weight loss can go hand and hand, in recent years doctors have tried to figure out just how much time ...

27th November 2009

Is your kids health suffering just because of the food he eats

Childhood Obesity is a major factor contributing to the poor health of many children in Western society. Rates of severe childhood obesity have been seen to triple in the last quarter of a century, this puts many children at risk when it comes to both di...

11th May 2009

Cocoa Beans as a Superfood and a Major Source of Antioxidants

Cocoa beans have been gaining popularity worldwide, and not simply because they are used to make chocolate! Recent medical studies have proven that consuming cocoa beans can be extremely beneficial to your health. Cocoa beans are now considered one of the...

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