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01st March 2011

Dana Pierce Features Specifics On Professional Photography

Photography as a profession is as completely unique as the billions of photographs shot each year. From formal to more casual, headshots to landscapes, photo journalism to pet photography - it is a career that provides numerous choices to best reveal your...

24th January 2011

Actor Postcards: A Reverse Perspective

Postcard marketing for actors to update casting directors and agents with the positive goings on in your career should not be a 'maybe', but a 'definitely'. Nothing is as quick and easy, and to the point, when pushing a recent booking, joining one the un...

19th August 2009

A London Casting Photographer At Work!

Creating extraordinary portfolios of ordinary individuals is not simply a matter of few clicks. It takes a lot more behind the camera to capture those eye captivating photographs. This is reason enough for actors, both established and amateurs, to make si...

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