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03rd June 2011

Chinese Calligraphy: The Oriental Art

Chinese Calligraphy is a revered Oriental art form that resembles a painting rather than the written word. Different from other types of calligraphy, it has many underlying expressions and conveys different emotions, morals & values in a very aesthetic ma...

03rd May 2011

Animal Beads: Not A Child’s Play

Beadwork is an ancient art of weaving beads in a way to be used as decorative for jewelry or home. It first originated in Africa and was later introduced to the rest of the countries. In the earlier times, beads were usually made from naturally available ...

11th April 2011

Calligraphy - The Art Of Elegant Writing

Calligraphy is from a Greek word kallos which means beauty and graphe which means writing. Literally it means making beautiful and elegant handwriting which requires skills in penmanship. It is not just an ancient art or form of handwriting, it is a skill...

01st April 2011

Oriental HandMade Chinese Silk Embroidery

Stitching with thread or yarn to decorating a fabric, or other material, using a needle, is known as embroidery. It is an ancient art form. Chinese embroidery is thought to have existed for about 4,000 years, and Egyptian embroidery for about 3,000 years....

23rd February 2011

Powerful February

Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle, celebrating Imbolc/Candlemas and the Chinese New Year of the metal rabbit!!! This is a powerful time we have just entered where consciousness will move forward every 20 days if we allow it. This means we all ...

19th November 2010

Artifacts Are Just the Replica of Bygone Days

Collection of artifact is not a very easy task. In this tough competitive professional era you need to spend a huge amount of time over your collection. Artifacts are the priceless items from the prehistoric era. These are the articles used in the bygone ...

15th November 2010

New Arrivals Update You Knowledge

The overwhelming success of online world not only brings smile to the professionals but gives a lot of benefit to the personal interests as well. Various people possess various kinds of hobbies. It is really difficult to gather various materials. You can...

08th November 2010

Different Spheres of Collecting Ancient Art Online

Collecting ancient art in various forms is a favourite pastime for a number of people. They love to increase their collection of materials through this innovative idea. Many people love to have a collection of ancient materials just because of the ethnici...

27th July 2010

Las Vegas Magic- Truly Exhilarating

Las Vegas is known as an entertainment capital of the world because of its casino and resorts. It is known as an internationally renowned tourist place famous for gambling, shopping and fine dining. The city got a title of Sin city as it has a heavy to...

27th May 2010

Get fast and impeccable designs through embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an art form that is continuously getting acceptance and appreciation in many sectors of manufacturing. Many companies and individuals go for this method for a more cost effective and time reduced embroidery work with results that ...

24th February 2010

Knitting Bags Are Indispensable

By l3y in Family
The main aim of these bags is to make your project portable and easy. A knitting bag not only makes your knitting organized but caters to your needs while you are on a run. These bags are specially made to provide you comfort, while you are engaged in thi...

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