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11th October 2011

A Glance to the Modern Ways of Embroidering

You can witness an overall scientific shift in all fields of life, in the contemporary world; the high technological advancement which has gobbled up the modern society has not left any compartments of life untouched. Obviously, this has cascaded into the...

24th December 2010

Zelda Wind Waker Scenes - Aryll Kidnapped

The tenth installment of The Legend of Zelda continues 100 years after the Ganon forces were defeated in the Ocarina of Time. The setting of this sequel is out of the ordinary plot of other Legend of Zelda games. Group of islands scattered all over the oc...

23rd September 2010

How Can You Create Logo Design for Using It on Several Corporate Materials?

A corporate logo is the one that is used for representing a company image in the market. A good logo is the one that is used for representing core values, vision, mission and true philosophy of an organization. It is an instrument that is used for communi...

22nd March 2010

See How Funny Animation can be extremely entertaining

Animation is a series of still images. It could be of drawings, objects, or people in various positions of incremental movement. However, when played back, it produces a stream of unbroken motion. Consisting of a series of drawings or photographs on paper...

19th February 2010

Indian Movies - The X factor

Even though it's a fact that Indian movies find a lot of takers in the modern world, there are still aspects that need a lot of improvement if they have to strike a cord with the global audience. S Some films with universal character are being made the...

12th November 2009

Clip on earrings -The Painless option

Piercing earlobes for the purpose to wear earrings has been practiced since ancient times. In spite of that we find huge demand and market for clip earrings mainly in the West. This is because some women never had their ears pierces at a tender age and la...

05th November 2009

The Magician's Lovely Assistant

Some magicians prefer to work alone, they never want anyone mingling or catching the viewers' attention while performing their magic tricks. If noticed, these are the magicians who only perform using cards, balls, flowers, birds, boxes, bottles, and other...

19th August 2009

Vegas magician: A bundle of amazing tricks

People seek entertainment in many ways and at many venues. Apart from movies, there are many other sources of entertainment. Come to Vegas, the entertainment hub and you will find an exciting source of entertainment-namely magic shows. The Vegas magic...

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