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02nd February 2011

Kids Cell Phone Guides: How to Keep Your Kids Safe with Smart Mobile Phones?

Different people have different opinions about whether should give kids a smart mobile phone. Cell phones become important gadgets for parents to stay connected with kids when they are hustling between basketball practice and violin lessons, or hanging ou...

04th March 2010

How to build a Tojan Horse

The Wall Sometimes we feel out numbered, overwhelmed and up against a wall, and at the point of surrender, we have self doubts and lose all courage to continue …but is this a good time to give in? Our little voice (the resistance) thinks so, as a ma...

25th February 2010

iPhone Customer Feedback

In a small device, the iPhone has put together the cool features of an iPod, mobility of a cellular phone and the accessibility of the internet. But not only has the iPhone become popular among adolescents but it has also become popular among business per...

31st July 2009

Be Selective on Xbox 360 Game Downloads

Owning an Xbox 360 is sure to be a thrill till you get to know about the basic problems. Have you ever experienced the most basic problem in the Flash Xbox 360 firmware? The product is very expensive and so are the game discs. You would've never expec...

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