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25th February 2011

Your diet is probably killing you!

Is your diet plan harming you? Anyone who eats is on a diet. It might be eating too much junk food but it is a diet all the same. The latest numbers show that 64% from the American population is body fat, being eligible for possibly the overweight or e...

10th January 2011

Winter Spa Treatments For Skin And Body

The holidays have arrived in NYC, and with them come an assortment of emotions, obligations, and sentiments. As Manhattan starts to spring into its holiday attire, lights, trees, decorations, and window displays are a constant reminder for us to find the ...

09th March 2010

Special Needs Diets

The word we typically use to describe anything we eat is food. As we eat every day, it's no surprise that we learn that word so early in life. We soon learn all of the different ways that food is prepared, as well as it's contents. Is the food processed? ...

27th November 2009

5 Healthy Diabetic Desserts for Your Diabetes Diet

By gagan in Diet
It's a tricky balancing act - using diabetes medications to keep blood sugar at just the right level. You're coasting along, trying to "eat right," when suddenly you're confronted with a crisis -- sharing a very large pizza. It's so difficult turning away...

16th September 2009

Rule Diet To Control Diabetes

By imran in Diet
Diabetes is an increasingly prevalent disease in modern times and has been dubbed an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Although it is still unknown why the disease has increased so much recently, it is known how the disease occurs. It is ca...

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