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04th February 2011

The Timeless Appeal of Hair Sticks

Nothing complements a face or an outfit better than a perfect hair accessory. Hair accessories worn correctly can work wonders to add that extra oomph to your persona. Fashion trends keep on changing but beautifully-worn hair can never go out of fashion. ...

17th January 2011

Finding the top hair salon in New York

Hair boutiques can be found all over the New York City. But if you are looking for the top hair salon, this article would help you for sure. Read on. Everyone wants beautiful hair, and is ready to go to any extent for getting silky, shiny and strong ha...

05th November 2010

Sport a New Look with These Updos for Long Hair

There are many more updos for long hair compared to any other hair length. Although it is true that longer hair is quite difficult to maintain, the good news is that your long hair enables better flexibility when it comes to styling. Hair updos are more...

10th June 2010

Prom Hairstyles for Young Men and Women

Getting ready for the prom evening 2005! Proms are all the fun and excitement. The evening is laced up with fantastic music and great food to be enjoyed with your friends. No guesses that you would like to look the best in the whole gathering. You cannot ...

22nd December 2009

Making Medium Hair Styles Not Boring

Not too long and not too short, the medium hair style is perfect for just about everyone. From the straight and limp to the thick and naturally curly, you can be sure that there is a medium hair style to suit your unique tastes and hair type. The popu...

07th May 2009

Choosing Homecoming Hairstyles For A Magical Night

Ask any girl in high school how important homecoming hairstyles are and she will let you know in no uncertain terms. Homecoming is an important night for many people. The dance is especially memorable. The girls get to wear fabulous dresses. They get to b...

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