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14th September 2011

Sc Fi Art painting what you need

What you need to paint a fantasy art picture I love fantasy art there are many different things to paint or look at portraits, landscapes, pets all that sort of stuff but I love fantasy painting were you can paint a world that exists in your head. ...

16th June 2011

Professional Headshots Miami

Actors need headshots to get acting work. Thus, it is important that the actor must find a headshot photographer, a photographer who specializes in headshots and other photos of the actors. Headshot photographer in contrast to the general photographer who...

24th May 2011

Life Drawing with Cecil Collins

Cecil Collins (1908–1989) was best known as a painter and had established his reputation in the 1930s to the extent of being included in the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London, at the invitation of the eminent art critic Herbert Read.Surre...

19th May 2011

Web Design - Tool for Non-Verbal Communication

Web design is a phenomenal tool for non-verbal communication between an organization and its target audience. Non-verbal and verbal communications are two major types of communications. Verbal communication is incomplete without non-verbal communication. ...

06th May 2011

Workstation chairs in Delhi Ncr

This is a considerable fact that standing and sitting postures play a significant role in effecting your spine health. In other words, it is difficult to maintain your spine health without proper standing and sitting postures. To do so, one has to learn t...

07th April 2011

Memory Foam Mattresses: The guaranteed heal for back pains

Memory foam mattress is the guaranteed heal for all kind of back pain. It is made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a urethane of high thickness and compactness. It is capable of resisting a huge substance at the face of strain or pressure. A high thicknes...

14th March 2011

Developing the Art of Communication

Communication can be defined as passing of message from 1 person to another. Various aspects of Communication 1) Verbal Communication 2) Non Verbal Communication : Body Language - Eye Contact - Voice - Gestures & Postures - Facial...

04th January 2011

Tips for Fast Liposuction Recovery

Planning to get a liposuction surgery but the procedure scares you? You’re just one of the many people in Florida who are thinking twice about the success of the procedure. Generally, liposuction surgeries succeed provided that the patient goes to profess...

19th February 2010

Portraying the Human Figure

Figure drawings begin with a stick figure, a skeleton of sorts that will hold all components of the composition in the subsequent stages. An important factor of this stick figure is the action line, which will take up most of the figure's body: from the n...

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