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29th November 2010

Why a Hosted Call Recording Solution Makes Good Business Sense

These days, itís important to cover all your bases in business. Thatís why many companies are choosing to record customer calls to help settle or avoid future disputes. When you record a call, thereís never a question about what was said. When it comes...

30th September 2010

Call Center Service from the Philippines

There are many call center companies and agencies in the Philippines today in which other companies and businesses can outsource their call center service. One popular example of a call center company in the Philippines which is known for the quality of t...

29th December 2009

Call Center Outsourcing: How to Get Value for Your Money

Businesses are in the process of going global. There is an increasing need to reach out to a huge global market even while sitting in one corner of the world. This means that businesses must have the bandwidth, training and resources to provide seamless, ...

18th December 2009

Know The Functions Of Call Center Before Outsourcing

Today every company understands the concept and benefits of business process outsourcing. Before outsourcing your business activities you should consider certain points and understand how a call center functions. Read this article which is a guide to out...

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