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11th April 2011

BlackBerry Enterprise’s Server Small Business Edition

If you’re running your own business, you’ve probably heard about the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a software package that allows users to synchronize their smartphone with their office computer. It is really a very powerful tool that can greatly help bu...

11th March 2011

Affordable Communication with Internet Phone System

The Internet phone system is a technological advancement in business telecommunication that lets you make and receive calls using the Internet as your medium. Telephone lines and phone networks are not needed in this kind of telephone system. Internet tel...

01st March 2011

6 Great Mobile Applications for Meeting Attendees

Okay, okay perhaps the title of this blog is stretching it a bit because we all know that mobile applications are changing and growing like a Califonia wildfire. With meeting apps reaching over 1,000 applications this week, this blog assessment may be onl...

08th May 2009

Whats best for you? Satellite TV on PC or Cable TV?

Many homes today have multiple PCs and broadband internet and they make perfect settings for TV on PC. TV on PC is Big business and making a lot of money $$, get a piece of this streaming TV pie Today. TV on PC is an economical way that you can watch wh...

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