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26th September 2011

Simpler Way to be a Rock Celebrity

Big houses, cool cars as well as hot girlfriends are simply some of the perks that a rock and roll celebrity can have. Being part of the music community appears to be the dream of anybody who can enjoy an instrument and who can blame all of them. For deca...

04th February 2010

Supra Shoes

Supra, the name itself reeks of something creative, new and fresh. Supra is a Latin word that stands for 'above and beyond' and the creator itself thinks its important to have a great name to appeal to a fresh, new crowd of hip, young youths. The Supra br...

19th July 2009

I’m in ‘Chains

In days gone by, gold held a fascination for many, men in particular, since it started to be used as a way of paying for goods and services. Imagine having your own gold coins - complete with your profile engraved - so you would be recognized even far awa...

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