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31st October 2014

Using Attraction Principles to Build Your Business

Trends come and go. One day somethingís hot, the next itís not. Lately thereís been talk by millions of people about the law of attraction; think about what you want and it will manifest. Every month millions of dollars are spent on books, CDs, seminars, ...

02nd April 2012

Love and Marriage Astrology

Love and marriage are two words of vital import to the average young man or woman. They represent, in any case, the most important events in the life of practically every human being. The films themselves afford a reflection of the supreme importance o...

06th April 2011

Divorce Ė A Traumatic End to a Beautiful Relationship

Divorce is the ending or dissolution of a marriage by a court or any other body authorized to carry out the divorce procedure. Divorce puts an end to the rights and obligations of the spouses towards each other. However, some common duties such as child c...

25th February 2011

How to Make Marriage Happy

First, amplifying advantages, weakening shortcomings When we love, we tend to amplify each other's strengths, and weaken and even ignore the deficiencies. For example, we appreciate the boyfriendís free and easy and neglect his carelessness; we like gi...

29th September 2010

Why You Must Plan Your Financial Future, No Matter How Happily Married You Are Right Now

Why You Must Plan Your Financial Future, No Matter How Happily Married You Are Right Now Cathi Adams © All Rights Reserved Life is filled with surprises, and some of these surprises are usually nasty ones. This is the reason why it makes plenty of ...

29th September 2010

Divorced And Penniless - Why It Can Happen To You

Divorced And Penniless - Why It Can Happen To You Cathi Adams ©All Rights Reserved What you do not know can actually harm you badly. The truth is that even as you continue to regularly read about those hefty divorce settlements celebrities are gett...

22nd April 2010

An ExSerial Cheater Advice For A Happy Marriage

I admit that I was a serial cheater. I've been for years. It was very heart broken for my wife. One day, I decided to stop and clean up my act putting her needs before mine and went back to my old mission, to put smiles on my wife face everyday. Some p...

03rd December 2009

Don't Want Divorce? - Stop Divorce By Actively Ruling It Out As An Option

If you don't want divorce, rule it out as an option. You have probably heard that the way to get what you want is to visualize having it. Why then, would you visualize divorce? No couple goes into a marriage expecting to file for divorce. Yet I think s...

23rd November 2009

Can I Stop My Divorce Before Itís too Late?

Can I stop my divorce before it's too late? When a break down in a relationship happens it is hard to think straight. After you have thought about your marriage with your emotions somewhat under control and made your mind up that you want to fix the probl...

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