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16th June 2011

The Reason Buying An Electric Acoustic Guitar Is Actually A Great Decision

For a start we need to clarify that the electric acoustic guitar isn't the same as your electro acoustic or semi acoustic guitar. The rationale for this is the fact electric acoustic guitars will be played in their own right without having to use an exter...

24th May 2011

Pretty much Best iPod Touch 32 GB - A Limited Evaluation

Quite a few technological cynics would say it really is these kinds of a waste of money to buy iPod touch 32GB. Blame it on the absence of initial-hand details and ignorance on the subject and on the gadget. What they never know is how useful this gadget ...

18th May 2011

Online mastering offers exceptional value for record labels, bands and musicians.

As a musician, band or record label you will want the best for your musical releases. This means it is time for considering mastering your music. Mastering your music is a great way to ensure quality control and sonic enhancement happens to your musical r...

22nd February 2011

Why Is Phone Coaching So Rewarding?

It has been gratefully tested that over 90% of successful coaching is done via phone coaching. Here are numerous reasons for its success. 1. Phone coaching virtually guarantees success because you'll be able to connect with the coach that is ideal f...

19th April 2010

The emergence of the MP3 player and what to look for while buying one:

There was a time when the radio was the favorite time-pass for many people and now it is almost obsolete because of the many advances in technology during the last few decades. The radio gave way to the cassette player, which in turn gave way to the ...

18th May 2009

Nokia 3500c classic is another face

The 3500 Classic comes in a classic bar design casing which is available in grey, pink, mandarin & blue colored casing. The user can select the colour of their handset to suit their taste & personal choice. The handset is compact which only measures 107mm...

01st April 2009

Blue mobile phone 4 SAMSUNG SGH-X830 BLUE GSM

When you look at the new phone launched by Samsung you could mistake it for an mp3 player. The new Samsung SGH-X830 'Mini MP3 Phone' combines the ease of use of a music player with full phone functionality in a stylish design. The innovative hand set come...

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