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26th January 2011

Environmental Benefits of Water Saving Butts

It seems every year there are concerns about water shortages, with increasing temperatures during the summer months and indeed more ‘Indian summers’ now typifying the climate in the UK over the recent years. This is not to of course mention other water i...

07th January 2011

Alternatives To Democratic Government

There are many alternatives to democracy, but here's a simple one. All you have to do is say what a marvellous and worthwhile thing it is, and then simply ignore it. Whether you are an elected official or a non-elected public servant, your life then gets ...

22nd March 2010

Online Tax Forms are a Gift That Saves Time from SME to MNC

By Arun in Taxes
As a small enterprise holder, you most in all likelihood be dismayed hearing the remarks "tax season." This time of year forces you to wear more hats. You're not only the cause for filing your own duties, but your people employed are in addition relying o...

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