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16th November 2011

How to Have Beautiful Skin and Look More Beautiful

There is a saying in old times that beauty is just only skin deep, but there are other factors as well who are related to you and your beauty like your beauty is related with positive, excellent and pleasing. It is because your skin beauty and appearance ...

13th May 2011

If You're A Mobile Marketing Friend, It's Not Intrusive

You might imagine that advertising within the highly personal confines of a subscriber's smart phone or web browser would be a definite no-no. After all, just consider how intrusive advertising or marketing has been rebuffed all the way along the line wit...

14th January 2011

Tips To Keep The Tax Man Away From The Door

Many people these days find themselves painted into a corner when it comes to anything to do with the Internal Revenue Service. Very often they will wait until it is much too late to deal with the problem and may end up losing everything they own as a r...

09th July 2010

Discount Pet Urns For Every Budget - A Perfect Way To Keep Your Beloved Pet Alive Forever

You love your pet, regardless of the species, you find their company and friendship enduring. Friends may come and go in your life, but if you have a pet, their love is unconditional. It is very sad as they reach their senior years because you know it is ...

29th December 2009

What are your options while parenting teens?

Whenever you ask a troubled teen as to what is their problem with their parent, more often than not you will get to hear that they are ‘not really being listened to'. Well, ‘listening' is a tad difficult task for parents. They might also find ‘commu...

15th October 2009

Do We Still Keep Diaries and Journals?

The Value of Keeping a Personal Diary is Simply Priceless; with All Your Thoughts, Secrets, Memories and Emotions thrown in, it can be the Best Ever Confidant! The past generations, if you look at it, were very much keen on keeping diaries and journals...

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