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24th June 2011

Have you always thought of creating new things and a new world?

Have you always thought of creating new things and a new world? Have you always been imaginative? 3D is your way definitely. 3D animation and visual effects gives you the chance to create the most original and interesting things, there are no boundaries. ...

05th July 2010

A Variety of the Kids Movies for Today’s Smart Chaps

Movie making exposes the artistic bent of one's mind. It is not only an art but also a technique. Over the years, the movie-making art has evolved keeping pace with modern technology. The art and technique of making a movie consists of an amalgam of numer...

27th May 2010

Watch cartoons and anime online for free

These days there are many free services online when people can watch their favourites television shows online and for free. Many of those people have memories from their childhood and the Sunday morning cartoons that used to watch as a child. So based on...

17th May 2010

ANIMATION: A Great Source Of Entertainment ..

The revolution in technology has added a new dimension to the world of animation. It has entered the main course of movies and is no longer the diet for the kids. It is a great variety in the entertainment world that has created a great and well known pla...

13th April 2010

Enter the world of Animation….

Animation is always considered as something funny or cartoon kind of stuff. There is general assumption that animation is source of entertainment for kids. But if we observe history of animation for past 50 years, we can see lot of improvement in animatio...

22nd March 2010

See How Funny Animation can be extremely entertaining

Animation is a series of still images. It could be of drawings, objects, or people in various positions of incremental movement. However, when played back, it produces a stream of unbroken motion. Consisting of a series of drawings or photographs on paper...

11th December 2009

An Introduction to Anime

Simply put, anime is a form of cartoon animation created in Japan, which explains animes formerly-popular moniker, Japanimation. Anime's history began at the start of the 20th century. This was when Japanese filmmakers began trying out new animation tec...

01st December 2009

The art of cartoon

Humor is a very important part of life. It makes our life a pleasant experience. Cartoon is an art form that relies heavily on humor to express various emotions and views. Humor is the ability to see funny or contradictory aspects of life and make peo...

03rd September 2009

UFC 2009 Undisputed Game - A bloody Fight

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship, a world of mixed-martial arts is an explosive fighting game that brings the action, intensity and attitude of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the console. These fighting games are a great lure for the people who...

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