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24th October 2012

Invaluable Uses of Fast Ethernet

The following is an article that explores the potential (and frequently realised) uses of Fast Ethernet in both the personal sphere and that of business. Strictly speaking Fast Ethernet is a term that is applied to Ethernet connections with a rate of 1...

28th January 2011

5 Leading Benefits Buyers Want From Call Accounting

What do customers actually want from "call accounting"?; Suppliers promote the tool as a way of saving money and improving efficiencies, but a software package by itself will not achieve these goals, it can only provide reports in support of a management ...

01st July 2009

A Case Study of Energy Efficient Business and Green Practices

Interview: Green Initiatives and Energy Conservation in a Modern Atlanta Datacenter Author: Jeff Hinkle of Global Net Access (AtlantaNAP) The ‘Green Initiative' has become a critical focal point for data centers around the world due to the h...

16th April 2009

Samsung U-900 Silver- Flagship Product

Samsung U-900 Silver is a flagship product of Samsung Mobile Manufacturing company. If you notice the model you can see that the product is very different from all the contemporary models in the mobile market. Attribute List of Samsung U-900 silver ...

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