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04th May 2011

Environmental Software - Paving The Way to the future

Environmental software is paving the way to the future for companies of all types. These range from businesses that may be office based to large manufacturing companies and everything in between. They are using EHS management software to keep track of s...

17th February 2011

LEED Childrens Theater- Promoting the Performing Arts and Improving their Lives.

Children are the bright future in every context. They are the hope of the present generation and the pride of the past. It is the hope that every child will have the right to learn and experience the wonders of the world. This makes it very important to t...

01st October 2010

The Basics Of Carbon Offsetting

In order to reduce global emissions we all must reduce as many carbon producing activities as possible, and offset the emissions we cannot eliminate by purchasing carbon credits. There are many motives attracting companies and individuals to the carbon ma...

10th May 2010

Wind Power

Today's growing grass roots movement toward clean, renewable and sustainable energy and environmental responsibility owes a great deal more to financial expedients on the part of individuals and business than it does to any innate desire to save the plane...

01st July 2009

A Case Study of Energy Efficient Business and Green Practices

Interview: Green Initiatives and Energy Conservation in a Modern Atlanta Datacenter Author: Jeff Hinkle of Global Net Access (AtlantaNAP) The ‘Green Initiative' has become a critical focal point for data centers around the world due to the h...

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