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12th April 2011

Texas Considers Option Fuels In The Encounter of Oil Prices A RunDown of Choices

The dramatic rise in oil charges around the previous couple of decades has generated a lot of interest for alternative fuels and alternatively driven autos. Environmentalists hail it as the starting of a revolution and a organic consequence of employing n...

24th January 2011

Use Biodegradable Products to Make the Planet Zero Waste

As reusable and eco friendly concepts from battery operate hybrid cars to wind mills and reusable bags and products take centre stage, there is renewed interest in the segment of reusable products all over the world. Many unique green products have been l...

22nd April 2010

Global Warming is happening…..What are we doing to slow it down???

Earth's temperatures are rising and there is no indication that this problem is slowing down. The people who live on this earth and the wildlife that inhabits our oceans are all vulnerable to the effects of global warming. The problems of litter and pollu...

09th December 2009

Teens of the 90s vs. Teens of the 00s

Only a decade apart, striking differences are glaring between these two batches of youth. We can say that the past two decades brought dynamic changes in cultural touchstones, social reactions, career and familial outlooks, as well as world views. In ...

02nd April 2009

Reduce Cars To Help Global Warming

Since global warming became a phenomenal international issue, hundreds of campaigns around the world have been launched promoting the need to stop environmentally destructive human activities, preserve and conserve natural resources, and implement m...

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