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16th November 2011

The Joy Of An Ex - The Benefits of Working With A Divorce Coach

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Ask almost anyone who has been divorced, and he/she would tell you it was a devastating process whether he/she initiated it or not. Some have called it crazy times, but no matter what you call it, people are emotionall...

26th May 2011

Thiago Casti Photography

Other Considerations. In black and white photography, as color is muted, other design elements gain in significance.Shape – Shape is not only defined by the objects depicted but also by blocks of light and dark in the photo.Tone – Tone is conveyed through...

04th May 2011

The Call to Freedom

I stood between the train cars, wind blowing in my hair, watching the Mexican countryside flash by. With each passing hour the train wheels carried me further from my obligations, my bills, my job, and the people who knew me. In twelve more hours...

05th November 2010

The Social Network: A Contemporary Citizen Kane?

Everyone seems to be saying The Social Network is the defining movie of our generation and today’s version of Citizen Kane. After reading countless articles in praise of the film I finally got around to seeing it the other day, and I can say that while it...

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