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12th October 2011

Justin Bieber Biography -- His / her Traveling For you to Achievements

Justin Bieber was previously an ordinary Canadian youngster, but his existence totally changed in the year 2008. Along with his great musical talent, this seventeen year old boy provides released an EP and an album and has become a superstar inside music ...

26th May 2011

30 Second to Mars Explain their Attachment to the ‘Night of the Hunter’

During MTV’s "State of the Union" broadcast yesterday, 30 Seconds to Mars talked in detail about their musical connection with legendary rock band Nirvana in general and its lead singer Kurt Cobain in particular, their upcoming appearance on the Bamboozle...

28th March 2011

For the Single Parents

Singe parents are no longer a surprising or a rare thing nowadays; society knows that those that are currently raising their child alone deserve to be commended because it is no laughing matter. Though there are people who enter the world of single parent...

28th January 2011

Ahmad Khawaja - The Greatest Master Artist of All Time

Who would have thought that a simple young man named Ahmad Khawaja with twisted fingers and arms will be regarded as the Greatest Master Artist of All Time. This is the highest order given by the Queen of England to an outstanding individual who made a di...

01st September 2010

Why is it Important To Watch Romantically Challenged Online?

There are a few shows, which need to bear the brunt of channels, which air them. Ricky Blitt’s sitcom, Romantically Challenged, is perhaps one of those shows, which came to an abrupt end before the fans could actually know about it. So, if anyone wa...

08th March 2010

One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton

Aside from a love for hoops, it seemed that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty) were two young men with little in common, but they were bound by the fact that they share the same father. The star of the high school basketball team, Nat...

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