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29th March 2011

Using SMS to Attract U.S. Real Estate Buyers Call-to-Action SMS Campaign Hits the Oscars.

In a unique move on the 2010 Oscar night, one man by the name of Ric OBarry held up a sign with a call-to-action for viewers. The sign read Text DOLPHIN to 44144 and the man managed to get a few seconds of free media even as the camera cut away relativ...

15th January 2010

The Natural History Museum Of United States Of America

The American Museum of Natural History is located at New York. It is the most prestigious institute of the world. The museum shows itself for its celebrated and articulate presentation of the history of the world right from the birth of the universe. T...

23rd November 2009

“Monkey See, Monkey Dead?” - The Chimpanzee on the Edge of Extinction

Why are chimps endangered? How many among us are even aware that they are? To the uninformed, it almost seems hard to believe. Chimpanzees have long been the most visible and perhaps even the most well-known of all the primates. Surely these adorable memb...

22nd October 2009

Children of War

People find it troubling when crimes are committed by young people, most likely minors. It is a sad fact that today's youth are becoming more involved in violence than ever before, especially those in countries torn by war. Children's rights question ...

16th July 2009

Why is Losing Weight So Tough?

If you've been on the diet treadmill then you know just how tough it is to lose weight. We all want to look great and we all want to have that body that we know we would be happy with, but why is it that so few people ever get there. Why is it so hard and...

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