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04th October 2010

Diet System Strategies Experts Provide

By Lori in Diet
Several individuals battle for years to permanently lose weight in order to look and feel magnificent. A Basic concept of using additional food calories than people consume to shed pounds is hard for several dieters to grasp. Quite a few well regarded mag...

01st October 2010

Is Your Antioxidant Cream Made of Natural Ingredients?

When looking for great skin care products, many people seem to turn to the offerings at their local pharmacies. These products are packed with chemicals and alcohols, and the marketing geniuses behind them have actually worked to convince many people tha...

13th May 2010

Bees to the Rescue

Studious little insects, they are. Pollinating plants of all kinds and providing us with much of the food we eat. Protecting plants against pests. Creating delicious honey for our enjoyment. Organizing themselves into sophisticated colonies and formulatin...

29th December 2009

Organic Skin Care Is Good For You

If there is one beauty trend that seems to be getting its fair share of attention and hype, it is organic skin care. A lot of people, particularly celebrities, are switching on to organic skin care products and letting other know about it. Before passing ...

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