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28th March 2011

Entertain your Children with Online Kids Comic Books

Reasonable parents would not like to keep their children idle for long because as we know, a young idle mind looks for mischievous things to do, but when it doesn’t, if finds tantrums to throw. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the house with three screami...

09th March 2011

Life And Paints

The teachers at the guide dogs school for the blind maintained that they never particularly favored any student but there was some controversy as a portrait of one graduate was recently displayed in the non profit institution. The dog in the picture is Je...

18th February 2011

Cool & Creative Gifts To Your Teacher

DIY Gifts Extravagance and waste of precious than the gift, small gift Gengrang DIY ingenuity of the teacher moved. For the vast majority of teachers is concerned, a flower, a card is enough to represent the child audience. DIY kids hands with a small ...

27th January 2011

Art Supplies are the Delight of Children's

When visiting an online store selling art supplies Chicago, IL parents are usually buying school supplies for their children.But art supplies should be purchased for home as well as school because creating art is a natural impulse.Art activities give chil...

07th July 2010

The 5 Deadly Makeup Sins

Thou shalt not cheat on your husband. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not wear the wrong color foundation! Okay, that last one might not be Biblical, but it should be known to all women because a bad coat of face is one of the 5 Deadly Makeup Sins. I'...

25th May 2010

Makeup Tips

By john in Beauty
Copyright (c) 2010 John Howell This is a continuation of the article "Makeup Tips According To The Seasons". Although this can be read separately, it is best to read the previous article first before reading this one. Here are some tips on how to p...

18th February 2010

Home School Preschool : Help! I Need Ten Minutes to Myself!

Some days you just need your child to work on something by himself. Usually when you're really stressed it's hard to think of activities for him to do. Here's a list that might be helpful to print out for those occasions! * Give your child two rolls...

23rd December 2009

Why Children Should Color

At 1 time in everyone's life they have sat down with a box of crayons and some paper and began to color. Some folk may see this activity as something to have children perform to fill up time or as a fun activity. [**] coloring is advantageous to kids fo...

25th November 2009

Do I Need a Copywriter

The lifeblood of any business promotion is persuasive copywriting. Because if all you've got to say is something your customers are not interested in, it doesn't matter if you write it in gold on the cheek of their favorite film star. They'll probably...

12th November 2009

My Last Thoughts About Iraq

The need for freedom is strong in every man, woman and child. Moreover, it is most strong in people who have none. Paul Batou, author of My Last Thoughts About Iraq, from Xilbris Corporation ( knows this longing for freedom and has expre...

23rd July 2009

Child Development: Milestones your child should reach between 12-23 months

Age 1Most parents see their child's first birthday as an important milestone as it marks the transition from baby to toddler. Your child will go through a period of rapid development in the 12 months between their 1st and 2nd birthday - and parents usuall...

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