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20th June 2011

Greenhouse Vs Green-Homes

Most of us do not have any idea how much carbon we emit to the atmosphere every day. Recent studies show that Australia is emitting about 437,045.00 metric tons of carbon emissions per year, and that excludes other harmful greenhouse gases like methane. W...

04th April 2011

Reclosable Bags and Their Multipurpose Utility

The number of styles of reclosable bags astonishes us by the sheer variety and the popularity of usage, since every bag found today in the market is reclosable. They are closed by several implements like drawstrings, zippers, flaps and locks. Referring to...

27th April 2010

As Cool As a Refrigerator:

The beauty of technology is the ever increasing improvements in design, features, and the added advantage of cost depreciation. Hence, even the most economically priced refrigerators available today have significant advantages over older models. They're q...

01st April 2010

How does an auto defrost fridge or freezer work?

Auto defrost fridges and freezers are an asset to any home as they prevent you from ever having to defrost your appliance. Auto defrost is also known as frost free depending upon the brand of appliance you choose. An auto defrost fridge works by period...

05th January 2010

Summit Cube-Sized Freezers

Freezers are generally used for storing vaccines, medicines, blood samples, reagents and cultures. Summit cube-sized freezers are in great demand as they ensure better performance than any other models. These units are presently available in a variety...

27th November 2009

Summit Built-in Undercounter Refrigerators

Among the large inventory of refrigeration appliances available, Summit built-in undercounter refrigerators are in great demand today in medical facilities. They are meant for safe storage of medical specimens, reagents or samples under optimal cooling co...

27th July 2009

Buying Food Storage Containers

When it comes to packing and storing food items at home or taking lunch to your workplace safely, food storage containers are the best options. Available in different sizes, models and shapes, these are products of high utility value that help in reducing...

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